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Tuatha’an (by Xotli)

A wandering folk, who travel and live in wagons and follow a totally pacifistic lifestyle known as the Way of the Leaf. Tinkers are easily recognized by their garishly bright and clashing clothes and equally garish and clashing wagons. They are great lovers of music, song and dancing, though their dances scandalize most women, and many men. Things mended by Tinkers are often better than new. Still, they are shunned by most village folk for their strange lifestyle and because of stories that they steal things (including children) and corrupt youths.

Tinker woman dancingBackground Feats: Craftsman [see below], Polyglot [see below], Seductive, Smooth Talk, Strong Soul

Background Skills: Craft (Tinker), Heal, Intuit Direction, Knowledge (Geography), Perform (singing, dancing, flute, fiddle, or drum only), Spot

Home Language: Common (Tuatha’an)

Bonus Languages Choices: Common (Borderlander), Common (Cairhienin), Common (Domani), Common (Ebou Dari), Common (Illianer), Common (Midlander), Common (Tairen), Common (Tar Valoner), Common (Taraboner)

Equipment: 2 healer’s kits (or) Musical instrument (choose one from: fiddle, flute, drum); tinker’s kit (provides +2 on Craft (Tinker) checks); ink (1 oz. vial); ink pen; parchment (5 sheets) (or) 4 healer’s balms; rope, hemp (50 ft.); pouch, belt; sewing needle; mirror, small steel; flint and steel

Restrictions: All Tuatha’an subscribe to the Way of the Leaf, which prohibits them from doing violence to anyone (including animals). At 1st level, a Tuatha’an may not be proficient in any weapons, armor, or shields, regardless of what class is chosen. At 1st level, a Tuatha’an may not take any feats related to combat (i.e., any feats which would be considered bonus feats for armsmen). At 1st level, a Tuatha’an may not choose the algai’d’siswai, armsman, or noble classes. The Tuatha’an may choose woodsman (remembering that all Tinkers are vegetarians), but if so, the 1st level class benefit of Nature’s Warrior is lost. As long as the Tinker chooses to remain faithful to the Way of the Leaf, all these restrictions continue to apply; however, at any time after 1st level, the Tuatha’an may choose to abandon the Way of the Leaf, nullifying all restrictions, at the cost of being considered “lost” to all other Tinkers (they will no longer speak to, or even acknowledge the presence of, the Lost). Any Tuatha’an that does violence to another, or begins to carry a weapon, is automatically considered lost. A Tuatha’an woodsman may advance through 3rd level without having to become one of the Lost; any Tuatha’an woodsman who becomes lost automatically regains the Nature’s Warrior class benefit the next time a level of woodsman is gained.



Background Feat: Craftsman
You are a gifted craftsman, and your love of making things shows in your finished products.
Backgrounds: Tuatha’an.
Benefit: You gain a +2 competence bonus on any Craft skill check, regardless of the type.

Background Feat: Polyglot
You come from a culture which commonly interacts with many other cultures, and learns their dialects.
Backgrounds: Tuatha’an.
Benefit: You gain five dialects (in addition to your own) without having to expend any slots on languages. These dialects must come from your bonus languages.

The Mahdi welcomes you to his camp




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