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Background Feat: Sul'dam (by CdtData)

You know the a'dam very well, and how to use it on damane.

Background: Seanchan

Sul'dam are Experts. In addition to the class skills of an Expert, add Weavesight as a class skill. The sul'dam can see saidar woven, but cannot embrace it herself, nor can she learn a weave to use later. Also, she gets a +2 Intimidate bonus against all damane, regardless if she is leashed to it or not. This is a competence bonus. The sul'dam is also capable of seeing the glow of saidar around another channeler, and can use weavesight to gauge the ability another channeler has to wield the One Power. However, she believes this ability is related to the a'dam and does not believe she can channel.

Egwene knew incredulity must be painting her face, because Renna laughed openly. "When Luthair Paendrag Mondwin, son of the Hawkwing, first faced the Armies of the Night, he found many among them who called themselves Aes Sedai. They contended for power among themselves and used the One Power on the field of battle. One such, a woman named Deain, who thought she could do better serving the Emperor - he was not Emperor then, of course - since he had no Aes Sedai in his armies, came to him with a device she had made, the first a'dam, fastened to the neck of one of her sisters. Though that woman did not want to serve Luthair, the a’dam required her to serve. Deain made more a'dam, the first sul'dam were found, and women captured who called themselves Aes Sedai discovered that they were in fact only marath'damane, Deain's screams shook the Towers of Midnight, but of course she, too, was a marath'damane, and marath'damane cannot be allowed to run free. Perhaps you will be one of those who has the ability to make a’dam. If so, you will be pampered, you may rest assured."

The Great Hunt, Damane (pg. 834)


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