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Craft (fireworks) (by Brian Zednick)

You are trained in the creation of fireworks.

Check: Fireworks are different than normal crafting skills. Guild members can obtain the materials for creating an object from the chapter house, or from natural surroundings. If they have to obtain materials themselves, raw materials cost 1/4 the selling price (instead of 1/3 like normal items). Like normal craft skills, there is a -2 penalty if artisan's tools are not used.


Firecracker 15
Fireworks 20
Illuminator's Rocket 30

If the craft check fails, the item is useless. If it fails by 5 or more, a mishap occurs and the object explodes. A firecracker causes 1d4 damage to the crafter, a firework causes 1d8, and an illuminator's rocket causes 2d6. Splash damage occurs for a firework (1d4) and an illuminator rocket (1d6). If there are other fireworks in the area, there is a 10% chance that they will go off as well.

Special: This is a cross-class skill for all non-illuminators, and may only be learned through specific instruction from a guild member. Only a rogue guild member would even consider it, and then it would be extremely rare. If the guild finds out that a non-guild member knows how to make fireworks, they will attempt to kill both him and the person who taught him.


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