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Voraelia's Ring of Renewal

Focal Lens
(by John Bornicke)

Activation: Wear
: None
: Tiny
: 1 lb.
: Rare

Little mention of these ter’angreal exists in the surviving documents of the Tower library, and until recently, no actual example of these devices was thought to still exist. It is assumed that these items were made in a variety of shapes and designs suited to the bearer.

The one focal lens that has been discovered is a sturdy bronze bracer, 6 in. in length with a raised stag across the upper surface.

Each focal lens comes with a power rating similar to an angreal or sa’angreal. When held or worn, they allow the channeler to extend the range increment of any spell cast at a lower level than the power rating of the lens. For example, a lens with a rating of 4 will extend the range of any weave cast at 4th level or lower. No weave may be extended beyond Long range.


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