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The Jade Circle of Bienre Nemora
(by John Bornicke)

Activation: Wield
4 lb.

Nemora Sedai discovered the Jade Circle during the terrible fighting that occurred during the Trolloc Wars. From her partially recover journals, we know when she found it, but as to where she was, other than in the ancient kingdom of Jaramide, nothing is known. It wasn’t until a short time ago that Martine Janata determined its use. This ter’angreal is a shaded green jade circle, 2 feet in diameter, with a 1 foot circle centered in it. Across the face on both sides are intricate geometric, mazelike carvings.

This powerful artifact from the Age of Legends aids in guarding one’s dreams. It is considered the equivalent of a sa’angreal with a power rating of 6 for purposes of casting the Dream Shielding weave.


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