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The Veiled Widow
(by John Bornicke)

Activation: Weave sacrifice; 1 level weave slot
Air, Spirit, Water
35 lbs.

This unusual statue was recently unearthed in the ruins of ancient Corantheren in a farmerís field, south of Baerlon. Through circumstance it has been traded several times and eventually ended up in the hands of the Salidar sisters while in Murandy.

This teríangreal appears to be a brilliantly clear crystal statue, a pace high, of a veiled and hooded woman with her hands folded serenely together. Inscribed delicately along the base in the Old Tongue are the words "Grieve for thou art able, give comfort to the tears of the widow."

This teríangreal has two powers. First, all those within a 50 foot radius circle, while it is activated, will be immune to any disease or infection. Furthermore, those within the area of effect also heal 3 extra hit points per hour of rest. The duration of this power is one full day from activation (sunrise to sunrise, or sunset etc.) The weave used for activation does not have to be held for this period. Once used, this function only works once per week.

Secondly, it can aid the user in casting any weave within the Healing talent as an angreal with a power rating of 3.


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