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The Conjunction Talent  deals with the bonds between people. One of the most common Talents among Aes Sedai, its weaves grant the channeler the ability to bond with a Warder, detect the location of others, and sense Shadowspawn. (TWoT RPG pg. 166)


(by John Bornicke)

[Air, Spirit] (Rare)
Casting Time:
1 action
Close (25 ft + 5 ft. / 2 levels)
See text
Saving Throw:
Will negates (harmless)
Weave Resistance:

This weave will cause an unconscious target to become immediately awake and alert. If the target has been rendered unconscious, or is below 0 hit points, the creature affected will remain conscious for as long as the channeler remains concentrating. Otherwise the target will remain awake or return to sleep as he chooses.

Casting Level Area of Effect
0 1 creature or target
1 5-foot radius circle
2 10-foot radius circle
3 20-foot radius circle


(by Evan P. Langlinais)

[Air, Fire, Spirit] Common
Casting Time: 1 action
Range: Close (25 ft.)
Target: One Person
Duration: Concentration
Saving Throw: Will negates
Weave Resistance: Yes

The channeler must be involved in a discussion with the target, and the target must be aware of the channeler when the weave is cast. The weave increases an NPC's disposition by one level (indifferent to friendly, friendly to helpful, etc.) and gives a +5 to Diplomacy rolls for the channeler when dealing with the target while the weave is in effect. The effect of this weave cannot be stacked by using multiple weaves on the same target, although the target's disposition may be increased using Diplomacy or Charisma as detailed on page 200 of "The Wheel Of Time Roleplaying Game." This effect lasts half-again as long as the duration of time the weave was held on the target, not including any time when the weave was tied off. The subtle fading of the weave means that the target usually does not realize that they have acted on anything other than their own volition.

+1 weave level: The channeler may leave a suggestion with the target as an Instant Duration effect, lasting for channeler level * hours or until the suggestion is carried out. The suggestion must be simple and concrete in its objective, and is automatically negated if it would cause the targets to knowingly put themselves at risk or is completely contrary to their nature (GM's discretion). This effect occurs only when the weave is released; if the Persuasion weave is tied off, this effect cannot occur. A suggestion may be placed after attempting to Persuade the target to a more friendly disposition, or without attempting to do so at all using just the 2nd level weave. If after Persuasion the target's disposition is helpful, they receive no second saving throw to a suggestion made. If the target's disposition is not helpful, or the weave is cast as a 2nd level weave without taking the time to "Persuade" the target, then the target receives a saving throw with a bonus relative to their current disposition to the channeler as detailed in the following table:

Attitude Bonus
Friendly +0
Indifferent +4
Unfriendly +8
Hostile +12

Recommendation: If the target of this weave is a Player Character, the GM might ask the player to rate their attitude towards the channeler on a scale of 1 to 5, where 1 is Hostile and 5 is Helpful. If the player fails their save, then they must act accordingly to the effect of the weave.

Example of Play:
Nirdnail Sedai of the Green Ajah needs the help of a famously jaded young nobleman to seek out a young darkfriend named Rothal Dran she believes may be hiding on his property. She gets an audience with him, and uses the Persuasion weave at second level as she lays out her case. The noble, initially indifferent to her request, becomes more friendly as she goes on (At the GM's discretion, if the player's role-playing of the persuasion is sufficiently impressive, roll an opposed diplomacy check (with the player's +5 bonus in effect) to give the player an opportunity to increase the effect by another level of attitude in addition to that of the weave), and at the conclusion of the meeting she gives the Suggestion that he use all the resources at his command to hunt down the ruffian. He responds with alacrity to her request, summoning all of his household to seek out her quarry.

(Copyright Evan Langlinais and Drew Gillmore, September 2002)

(by John Bornicke)

[Earth, Spirit, Water] (Rare)
Casting Time: 1 round
Range: Close (25 ft. + 5ft. / 2 levels)
Area: 1 Creature or object
Duration: Concentration
Saving Throw: None
Weave Resistance: No

This little used weave prevents organic matter from drying out, decaying, or putrefying. It can be used to prevent such mundane things as food or drink from spoiling, or flowers from wilting, but can also be used to prevent a body from decomposing. This weave is obviously most useful when tied off.

Casting Level Area of Effect
0 tiny-sized creatures or objects
1 small-sized creature or object
2 medium-sized creature or object



Download Conjunction weaves in DOC format


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