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[ Forkroot ]

Forkroot (by CdtData and Free-Moiraine)

Forkroot numbs the afflicted, making it difficult to act or embrace the One Power. It is especially useful against channelers due to this power. It has a cool, minty taste that is easily disguised in tea or other beverages. It is an herb that is at least fairly plentiful in the Tarabon region, if not in other places.

Poison Type: Ingestion, Fort save (DC 17) against being poisoned
Damage: Temporary 1d6 Dex loss, unconscious/slowed, special*

Rare Knowledge: Forkroot temporarily prevents channelers from channeling for 1d4 hours. If the channeler is unconscious, this starts once the victim has regained consciousness.

  • Taraboner herbalists have a 50% chance of knowing about forkroot, but not its channeling effects

  • Professional herbalists have a 25% chance, but not the channeling effects

  • Aes Sedai have a 5% chance, but not the channeling effects

  • Yellow Aes Sedai have a 3% chance of knowing about forkroot and its channeling effects

  • All others have no chance of knowing.

After a character is poisoned, the GM rolls 1d6 for unconsciousness/slowed results:




1 25% slowed 1d4 hours
2 50% slowed 1d4 hours
3 75% slowed 1d4 hours
4 incapacitated but conscious 1d4 hours
5 unconscious 1d4 hours, 50% slowed for 1/4 the unconscious roll
6 unconscious 1d6 hours, 50% slowed for 1/2 the unconscious roll