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Isles of the Sea Folk - The Amayar

Unbeknownst to most westlanders, the Atha’an Miere are not the only people who live on the Sea Folk islands. When the Sea Folk found their islands after the Breaking of the World, they encountered a strange people calling themselves the Amayar already living there. However, the Amayar inhabit the deep interior of the islands, disliking the water and sea travel as much as the Sea Folk dislike being on land.

Followers of the Water Way, a code of pacifism and nonviolence similar to the Way of the Leaf, the Amayar welcomed the newcomers. However, they considered the Sea Folk’s fascination with sailing and the sea, and their sometimes boisterous customs, unpleasant. Despite this distaste, when the Amayar discerned that the Atha’an Miere wished to make the islands their territory, for reasons of their own they indicated their willingness for the Sea Folk to "rule" them. This arrangement has worked out well for all concerned, since the Sea Folk don’t want to visit the inland Amayar settlements and effectively leave them to govern themselves most of the time. However, they do trade for Amayar goods—including their exquisite, delicate porcelain and glassware—much of which they in turn trade to the mainland. They also grant the gift of passage to any Amayar who asks it.

Physically, the Amayar are short and stocky compared to the Atha’an Miere—they have about the same average height as the folk of Cairhien. Their skin is fair, their eyes typically blue, green, or hazel, and their hair blond or light brown (in short, they bear no physical resemblance to the Sea Folk). Besides crafting porcelain and glass, they farm and raise animals (sheep, goats, cattle, and oxen), though their animals are smaller than typical mainland varieties. A few become fishers, rowing out from the coast in small boats, but that’s as much water travel as they desire.

Atha’an Miere Windfinder Apprentice





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