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The Land of the Madmen

Far to the south, across the Sea of Storms, exists another continent known only as the "Land of the Madmen." Approximately 750 leagues long and 500 leagues wide, it lies within 500 miles of the southern icecap. Between frequent storms, errant icebergs, and wave-generating earthquakes, the seas here pose difficulties for even Atha’an Miere mariners.

According to the Sea Folk, the Land of the Madmen contains many active coastal volcanoes. The interior is almost equally hostile, with more volcanoes, some mountain ranges, wastelands, and scrubby forests. The worst threat, they say, is the people who live there. The Atha’an Miere the Breaking. The people live squalid, wretched, impoverished existences, often amid ruins that offer mute testimony to the greatness of their forebears. Sea Folk explorers encountered both male and female channelers, and found the wild and uncontrolled women little better than their insane male counterparts. The ordinary folk are dangerous enough; fearful of strangers and covetous of their goods, they attack in mobs, hoping to kill and rob them.


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