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Ye Olde Wheel of Time Netbook Volume Two Artwork
- Article Descriptions -

Please remember that none of this information is to be seen by anyone not involved with the creation of the netbook, except maybe for your spouses or significant others.



Specific characters, some from the novels.

  • Someshta, commonly referred to in legend and gleeman song as the Green Man, is the huge man-shaped guardian of the Eye of the World (this established at the Breaking). Standing 18 feet tall (As tall to an Ogier, as an Ogier is taller than a human) Someshta looks as a giant tree. His long hair is made of grass, eyes are hazelnuts, and fingertips acorns. His trousers and clothes are of bark. At some point he received a blow to his head as a deep scar runs itís length. He loves to dance and sing, enjoying life and the company of those who walk in the Light. He will express his love of life by making garlands and wreaths of flowers for adorning any ladies. He has an affinity with Ogier, as a father has of his children. He can be found at the Mountain of Dhoom in a sudden patch of green and verdant land amid the Blight. It presents the same effects as a Stedding.


    • The Green Man can be seen a lot at the end of The Eye of the World. You might want to scour the Web for info on the Nym as well.


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