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Ye Olde Wheel of Time Netbook Volume Two Artwork
- Article Descriptions -

Please remember that none of this information is to be seen by anyone not involved with the creation of the netbook, except maybe for your spouses or significant others.



Items of the Power. This will actually include angreal and the like.

  • Andaraelle’s Might

    A large, two-handed sword crafted out of a dull black metal. The blade is unusual ­ it is single-edged, with its blade edge balanced by a notched edge (like a swordbreaker); the notched edge provides a bonus to disarming an opponent. This weapon is considered an exotic weapon, and can only be wielded by a character with a strength of 16 or above. According to ancient tales, although no one knows whether the stories are accurate, this legendary blade has certain amazing properties: it is especially dangerous against the Shadow, and the wielder becomes a more fearsome fighter.

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  • The Crystal of Time

This ter'angreal was made in the Age of Legends. Only one is known to exist. The crystal is formed as a sphere, it pulses with an intense green light, when any human or Ogier creature comes within 15 feet it starts pulsing more and more. At last it explodes in a furious moment of light.

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  • Ring of Guise

A heavy gold ring with silver marbling; it may take different shapes (signet, plain circle, etc), but it always has silver marbling.

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