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Channeling Feat: Elastic Shield (by Vish Singh)

Once shielded, no one escapes your grasp. You have exceptional talent with the Shield weave, and are able to adjust its hold to compensate for strong channelers attempting to break through.

Prerequisite: Breaking a Shield, Shield Affinity, Strong Talent: Warding

Benefit: If a channeler breaks through a shield you are maintaining, you gain a Will save to keep the channeler shielded.

Appalled astonishment became fiery outrage as Nynaeve realized that Berowin held her shield. Most Aes Sedai she had met stood above Berowin; nearly all. Gathering herself, she strained to reach the Source, expecting the weaves to shatter. She would at least show these women she would not be.... The weaves ... stretched. The round Cairhienin woman smiled, and Nynaeve's face darkened. The shield stretched further, further, bulging like a ball. It would not break. That was impossible. Anyone could block her from the Source if they caught her by surprise, of course, and someone weaker could hold the shield once woven, but not this much weaker. And a shield did not bend that far without breaking. It was impossible!

"You could burst a blood vessel if you keep at that," Berowin said, almost companionably. "We do not try to reach above our station, but skills are honed with time, and this was always nearly a Talent with me. I could hold one of the Forsaken."

A Crown of Swords
Chapter 23, "Next Door to a Weaver"



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