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General Feat: Flame and Void (by Randy Madden)

You have learned to focus past external stimuli. Body, mind, and soul become one in combat. Instinct and intuition guide your blade as surly as muscle and agility.

Prerequisite: Base Attack Bonus +5, Wis 13+, training by a blademaster.

Benefit: By spending a Standard Action focusing, the character can use his Wisdom modifier in place of his Strength modifier for the remainder of the melee. With a Composure check (DC 25), the two modifiers will stack.

A Trolloc leaped out of the dark at them, cruel eagle's beak in a man's face where mouth and nose should have been, scythe-like sword already whistling through the air.

Rand moved without thought. He was one with the blade. Cat Dances on the Wall. The Trolloc screamed as it fell, screamed again as it died.

"Run, Loial!" Rand commanded. Saidin called to him. "Run!"

He was dimly aware of Loial lumbering to an awkward gallop, but another Trolloc loomed from the night, boar-snouted and tusked, spiked axe raised. Smoothly Rand glided between Trolloc and Ogier; Loial must get the Horn away. Head and shoulders taller than Rand, half again as wide, the Trolloc came at him with a silent snarl. The Courtier Taps His Fan. No scream, this time. He walked backwards after Loial,  watching the night. Saidin sang to him, such a sweet song. The Power could burn them all, burn Fain and all the rest to cinders. No!

Two more Trollocs, wolf and ram, gleaming teeth and curling horns. Lizard in the Thornbush. He rose smoothly from one knee as the second toppled, horns almost brushing his shoulder. The song of saidin caressed him with seduction, pulled him with a thousand silken strings. Burn them all with the Power. No. No! Better dead than that. If I were dead, it would be done with.

The Great Hunt, Ch. 19 - Beneath the Dagger


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