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Special Feat: Minor Weaving (by Marc-André Bédard)

You discovered that you posses a very minor talent for channeling. You can only use very basic weaves; perhaps because your potential is still unfulfilled or that you simply are not strong enough in the One Power to reach the standard required of full initiates and wilders.

Prerequisite: Any non-initiate and non-wilder

Benefit: You know 2 0-level weaves that you may use each once per day, or one of them twice a day.

Restriction: The weaves are always cast as if the character was 1st level. The character can never overchannel, nor can he use an angreal to boost the level of the weave. The character is just not attuned enough to the True Source to be able to use them. If the character is a male, he gains 1d4 madness points when he selects this feat and gains another madness point each time he reaches a new level. Should the character multiclass into the initiate or wilder class, he still knows the weaves, but this feat is not cumulative with the number of weaves the character can cast each day. This feat cannot be taken more than once.

Optional rule: A non-channeling character must have this feat for at least one level before multiclassing into initiate or wilder.


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