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A trolloc veteran leads a raid.

Trolloc Development Chart (by Robert Poulin)

The following stats represent Trollocs at different stages of their development:

  Grunt Veteran Elite Commander
Hit Points: 3d8+3 (16 hp) 5d10+5 (38 hp) 7d10+14 (64 hp) 10d10+30 (96 hp)
Initiative: +1 (Dex) +1 +2 (+2 Dex) +6
  • -1 size

  • +1 Dex

  • +4 mail

  • -1 size

  • +1 Dex

  • +4 mail

  • +4 class

  • -1 size

  • +2 Dex

  • +4 mail

  • +5 class

  • -1 size

  • +2 Dex

  • +6 plate

  • +6 class

  • -1 Dex adj.


+4 shortbow
+5 scythesword

+6 shortbow
+8 scythesword
+8 spear

+9 shortbow
+12 axe

+12 shortbow
+14 spear
+15 axe


shortbow (1d6)
scythesword (2d4+3)

shortbow (1d6)
scythesword (2d4+3)
spear (1d8+3)

shortbow (1d6)
axe (1d12+4)

shortbow (1d6)
spear (1d8+4)
axe (1d12+6)


Fort: 4, Ref: 3, Will: 1

Fort: 5, Ref: 4, Will: 2

Fort: 7, Ref: 6, Will: 4 Fort: 12, Ref: 8, Will: 6
Str: 16 Int: 9
Dex: 12 Wis: 10
Con: 13 Cha: 9
Str: 17 Int: 9
Dex: 13 Wis: 10
Con: 13 Cha: 9
Str: 18 Int: 9
Dex: 14 Wis: 10
Con: 14 Cha: 9
Str: 19 Int: 11
Dex: 14 Wis: 10
Con: 16 Cha: 11
Feats: Alertness

Power Attack

Power Attack
Weapon focus (Axe)

Power Attack
Weapon Focus (Axe)
Weapon Specialization (Axe)
Improved Initiative


  • All Trollocs are large.

  • All Trollocs have a base movement rate of 40.

  • Trollocs all speak Trolloc, a few Elites and higher may speak common.

  • The following are base skills for the Grunt. To find skill levels for each additional rank of Trolloc, add 1 rank to 5 skills for each level of development a Trolloc has achieved. For example, a Commander will have 3 additional ranks in at least 5 skills.

Grunt Skills:

Climb: 3 Listen: 3
Hide: 2 Move Silently: 2
Intimidate: 5 Search: 1
Jump: 2 Spot: 3
Knowledge (Blight): 4 Wilderness Lore: 3

Trolloc Categories:

This is the common Trolloc fighter. They
are the most numerous and least skilled.

These Trollocs are experienced warriors
who have been blooded in several battles. Veterans are slightly stronger, faster, and heartier than Grunts. Veterans also gain the armor compatibility feat, which makes them much tougher than grunts. Although not as numerous as grunts, veterans are still fairly common.

The Elite Trolloc is the special operations
trooper of the Dark One. Elites are veteran soldiers who have survived a multitude of raids and military campaigns and, as a result, have developed skills that surpass the common veteran. Elite Trollocs become the leaders of Fists and other military units. They sometimes form their own highly specialized units which are capable of striking behind enemy lines or taking on special missions. These Trollocs are stronger and faster than others and their skills with various weapons and armor make them a real threat to even the best troops the Borderlands can put in the field. Fortunately, most Trollocs don’t live long enough to become as skilled as an Elite trooper. Elites make up less than 10 percent of the Trolloc armies.

A Trolloc Commander is exceedingly rare.
They are by far the most powerful of Trollocs, perhaps even able to stand up to a Myrddraal, though they rarely have to courage to do so. These Commanders become the leaders of Trolloc tribes. Any tribe lucky enough to have a real Commander soon dominates other tribes that don’t have one. Being a Trolloc Commander is even more dangerous than normal because they are often a target from their own kind. These Trollocs are seldom seen outside the Blight. In fact, none have gone south since the Trolloc Wars, but with Tarmon Gai’don approaching, perhaps they will issue forth from the Blight once more.

Trolloc Organization:

The Fist: The Fist is the most common Trolloc organizational unit. It consists of 200 Trollocs led by an Elite Trolloc. Usually there are about 20 Elites in a Fist. The rest of the Fist is comprised of around 80 veterans and 100 grunts. The Fist is easily split into a Half-Fist (100 Trollocs) and a Quarter-Fist (50 Trollocs).

Trolloc Tribes: Trollocs have formed into 12 tribes according to the animal form they represent. (Disclaimer: This match-up of the tribes with the animal head is mostly guesswork. The books do give us some matches, but most of the rest remain guesswork. If we should learn that some of these, indeed many of them, are wrong, we will simply make the adjustments.)

Tribe Name Animal Form
Ahf’frait Hawk
Al’Ghol Panther
Bhansheen Hyena
Dhjin’nen Leopard
Ghar’ghael Boar
Ghob’hlin Wolf
Gho’hlem Bear
Graem’lan Mountain Lion
Ko’bal Eagle
Kno’mon Rhino
Dha’vol Ram
Dhai’mon Goat

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