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Blight Creature Template (by John Bornicke)

The legendary dangers of the Creatures from the Blight are known throughout all the Westlands. The following tables will help GMs build these nasty creatures. This work uses many of the concepts found in the various beastie manuals.

"Blight Creature" is a template that can be added to any corporeal creature (referred to hereafter as the "base creature"). Beasts or animals with this template become Blight creatures, but otherwise the creature type is unchanged.

A Blight creature uses all the base creature’s statistics and special abilities except as noted here.

Darkhounds and worse run in the Blight

It was damp, Rand realized. It felt like the Mire in the depths of summer, back in the Two Rivers. In that boggy swamp every breath came as if through a wool blanket soaked in hot water. There was no soggy ground here-only a few ponds and streams, trickles to someone used to the Waterwood-but the air was like that in the Mire. Only Perrin, still in his coat, was breathing easily. Perrin and the Warder.

There were a few leaves now, on trees that were not evergreen. Rand reached out to touch a branch, and stopped with his hand short of the leaves. Sickly yellow mottled the red of the new growth, and black flecks like disease.

"I told you not to touch anything." The Warder's voice was flat. He still wore his shifting cloak, as if heat made no more impression on him than cold;  it almost made his angular face seem to float unsupported above Mandarb's back. "Flowers can kill in the Blight, and leaves maim. There's a little thing called a Stick that likes to hide where the leaves are thickest, looking like its name, waiting for something to touch it. When something does, it bites. Not poison. The juice begins to digest the Stick's prey for it. The only thing that can save you is to cut off the arm or leg that was bitten. But a Stick won't bite unless you touch it. Other things in the Blight will."

Rand jerked his hand back, leaves untouched, and wiped it on his pants leg.

The Eye of the World
Chapter 48 -"The Blight"

  • Hit Dice: The base creature’s hit dice increases by one die type. For instance, if the creature had 4d4 hit dice, it now becomes 4d6 HD.

  • Speed: Same as base creature.

  • AC: Defense improves by +2.

  • Attacks: Same as base character.

Trollocs are rent apart

  • Special Attacks: The creature gains a bite attack if it did not already have one. If the creature does not have a claw attack, there is a 25% chance that it will grow long claws or twisted limbs and gain one.

  • Damage: Use the following table to determine the damage value of the new bite/claw attack if the creature does not already have one.

  • Saves: Same as base creature.

  • Abilities: Increase from the base creature's abilities as follows:
    Str +2, Con +2, and Dex 2.

  • Skills: Same as base creature.

  • Feats: Same as base creature.

  • Climate/Terrain: Blight

  • Challenge Rating: Same as base creature +1 (+1 for special quality/attack)

  • Advancement: Same as base creature.



Bite Damage Claw Damage
Fine 1d2 1
Diminutive 1d3 1d2
Tiny 1d4 1d3
Small 1d6 1d4
Medium 1d8 1d6
Large 1d10 1d8
Huge 2d8 2d4
Gargantuan 2d10 2d6
Colossal 4d8 2d8

"Then we're in the Blight?" Perrin said. Strangely, he did not sound frightened.

"Just the fringe," Lan said grimly. His stallion kept moving forward, and he spoke over his shoulder. "The real Blight still lies ahead. There are things in the Blight that hunt by sound, and some may have wandered this far south. Sometimes they cross the Mountains of Dhoom. Much worse than Sticks. Keep quiet and keep up, if you want to stay alive." He continued to set a hard pace, not waiting for an answer.

Mile by mile the corruption of the Blight became more apparent. Leaves covered the trees in ever greater profusion, but stained and spotted with yellow and black, with livid red streaks like blood poisoning. Every leaf and creeper seemed bloated, ready to burst at a touch. Flowers hung on trees and weeds in a parody of spring, sickly pale and pulpy, waxen things that appeared to be rotting while Rand watched. When he breathed through his nose, the sweet stench of decay, heavy and thick, sickened him; when he tried breathing through his mouth, he almost gagged. The air tasted like a mouthful of spoiled meat. The horses' hooves made a soft squishing as rotten-ripe things broke open under them.

The Eye of the World
Chapter 48 -"The Blight"

Despite the heat and damp, Loial wrapped a scarf around his nose and mouth. When he met Rand's gaze, the Ogier's outrage and disgust were plain in his eyes. "I had heard - " he began, his voice muffled by the wool, then stopped to clear his throat with a grimace. "Faugh! It tastes like . . . Faugh! I had heard and read about the Blight, but nothing could describe . . ." His gesture somehow took in the smell as well as the eye-sickening growth. "That even the Dark One should do this to trees! Faugh!"

The Eye of the World
Chapter 48 -"The Blight"

Special Attacks: The Blight Creature retains all of the special attacks of the base creature, plus there is a 50% chance that the creature will develop a new special attack. If a special attack is indicated, roll 1d10 and consult the table below. Alternately, the GM may assign a special attack to the creature.


Special Attack


Electrical Discharge: The creature can make a touch attack. If successful, it releases a discharge of electricity into its victim for 1d6 points of damage for every 2 HD the creature has. The victim may attempt a Reflex saving throw for half damage (DC: 10 + 1/2 the creature’s base HD + Constitution modifier).


Blinding Attack: The creature can spit out a stream of corrosive saliva at one target that may blind the victim if it hits. Use the creature’s Base Attack Bonus plus any modifiers. If the victim is hit, it must pass a Fortitude saving throw (DC: 10 + 1/2 the creature’s base HD + Constitution modifier) or be blinded for 2d8 minutes.


Lashing Tentacles: The creature gains a set of long tentacles that grow from its body and enables it to use the Improved Grab feat.


Poison Attack: The creature's bite introduces a poison into its victim. Type varies (select effect from Table 11-5, pg. 231 Core Rulebook 1).


Bleeding Wounds: The creature's saliva interferes with the normal blood clotting process of bitten victims. Wounds from the creature continue to bleed for 1 extra point of damage per round until healed or treated by a successful first aid application using the Heal skill.


Spines: The creature has one or more layers of spines on its body that it may bring to bear in combat or when enraged. Whenever an opponent makes a successful strike in melee combat, the creature may make a free attack of opportunity with its spines (Base attack Bonus) that does 1d6 + the creature’s HD in damage.


Crushing Jaws: The creature’s massive jaws are capable of biting through, or crushing even the strongest armor. When making a bite attack, it ignore any armor modifiers, although the victim still retains Dexterity and Size modifiers to it AC.


Drain Blood: With a successful grapple attack, the creature can drain blood from the victim. It deals 1d2 points of temporary Constitution damage to its victim per round it remains in contact. Creatures drained to 0 Constitution points or below are dead.


Foul Odor: The stench of corruption clings to the creature’s body. Upon first encountering the creature, all those within 10 ft. must succeed at a Fortitude check (DC 12) or become nauseated, suffering a -2 penalty to all attacks, saves and skill checks for 2d4 rounds.


Terrifying Howl: Once a day, before the creature attacks, it is able to, emit a horrifying and ear-shattering howl. Everyone within earshot must make a Willpower saving throw (DC 18) or suffer a -3 morale modifier to initiative and attack rolls for the duration of the fight.

The last embrace comes coldly, a carrion feast

Special Qualities: Blight creatures retain all of the special qualities of the base creature and gain the following special qualities:

(Ex): The creature is such a ferocious and terrible opponent that it will continue to fight without penalty even while disabled or dying.

There is a 25% chance that the Blight Creature has a random special quality and a 10% chance that it will have two special qualities from the table below. If a special quality is indicated, roll 1d12 on the following table:

0-65 none
66-90 one ability
91-00 two abilities


Myrddraal charge the Borderlands from the Blight



Special Quality


Abnormally Large: The creature is one size larger than normal for its type. It gains all the modifiers as listed on table 11-8 and 11-9 pg 236, Core Rulebook I.


Extraordinary Senses: The creature gains an extraordinary sense as per the abilities in the Core Rulebook III.

1-2 Tremor Sense
3-4 Blindsight
5-6 Scent

Swiftness: The Blight creature is much faster than its normal type. It may take one extra partial action per round with no penalty.


Keen Senses: The creature is able to see four times as far as a human in both day and night and gains a +6 to Search and Spot checks.


Extra Limbs: The creature gains one or more extra limbs on its body (1-4 extra legs or arms, 5-6 extra head). These extra limbs may be useless or can give the creature extra bite/claw attacks or more speed (GM’s discretion).


Leap: The mutant has extraordinary strong legs that propel it much farther than normal for its type. It gains a +10 to its Jump skill and is no longer limited by its height.


Iron Hide: The creature gains either a +6 bonus to its armor class or a -5 damage reduction due to its thick hard hide or bony ridge-like armor.


Fast Healer: The creature gains the fast healing ability (1 + 1d4 is the healing rate).


Camouflage: The creature’s mottled and sickly hide blends in with the corruption of the Blight. It gains a +10 to its Hide skill.


Enhanced Attributes: The creature gains a +1d4 to one of its attributes (1-2 Str, 2-3 Con, 5-6 Dex).


Frenzy: 1d4 rounds after entering battle, the Blight creature enters a frenzied state from the blood scent. A frenzied Blight creature adds +2 to its Str and Con and +2 hit points per HD and remains frenzied for 1d6 rounds after the fight ends.


Death Throe: Once the creature has been brought to -10 HP or lower, its body will thrash around for 2d4 rounds causing 1d4 points of damage per size category, medium and above, in a 5 ft. radius.

"Couldn't we camp down by the lakes?" Nynaeve asked, patting her face with her kerchief. "It must be cooler down by the water."

"Light," Mat said, "I'd just like to stick my head in one of them. I might never take it out."

Just then something roiled the waters of the nearest lake, the dark water phosphorescing as a huge body rolled beneath the surface. Length on man thick length sent ripples spreading, rolling on and on until at last a tail rose, waving a point like a wasp's stinger for an instant in the twilight, at least five spans into the air. All along that length fat tentacles writhed like monstrous worms, as many as a centipede's legs. It slid slowly beneath the surface and was gone, only the fading ripples to say it had ever been. Rand closed his mouth and exchanged a look with Perrin. Perrin's yellow eyes were as disbelieving as he knew his own must be. Nothing that big could live in a lake that size. Those couldn't have been hands on those tentacles. They couldn't have been.

"On second thought," Mat said faintly, "I like it right here just fine."

The Eye of the World
Chapter 48 -"The Blight"

Sample Blight Creatures


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