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Symbol: The Silver Stars.

A tiny nation wedged between the Mountains of Mist, Amadicia, Altara, and Garenís Wall, Ghealdan has never enjoyed the prosperity of other nations. Its often rocky soil is not good for farming, and the mines of the southern mountains have never produced as well as those of more northerly regions. Fortunately, the craftsmen of Ghealdan are well known for the quality of their work, which brings traders and gold coins to the kingdom.

Following the War of the Hundred Years, numerous attempts were made to restore Dhowlan, with the longest having an apparent success that lasted only twenty years and collapsed upon the death of the woman who led it. In FY 1109 Lord Kirin Almeyda, Lady Valera Prosnarin, Lord Cynric Talvaen, and Lady Iona Ashmar founded Ghealdan in the same region. This union of four strong Houses, and the balance of power between the King (Kirin) and the Crown High Council (the three other lords and ladies initially, though other Houses were later added), lent the country a stability that allowed its success. Although royal succession is usually hereditary, the Crown High Council can choose a successor if there is no heir or if they feel that the throne would be in better hands with someone else.

For the most part, Kirinís successors have changed little, continuing to rule their quiet little kingdom from the Jheda Palace and doing their best to stave off possible invasion from Amadicia, with which Ghealdan has fought several decidedly minor wars. Things changed for King Johanin in 998 NE, when the Prophet of the Dragon Reborn came to Ghealdan. The Prophet almost instantly attracted swarms of followers, and King Johanin ordered him to leave the kingdom and his people to disperse. A few days later, Johanin had the misfortune to die in a hunting accident. His successor, Queen Elizelle, committed suicide after her armies also failed to drive away the Prophet. The queen that followed, Teresia, abdicated after mere ten days to marry a commoner (thereby relinquishing all right to the throne under Ghealdan law). With no more heirs of Johaninís body available, the rule passed to a distaff relative of his house, Queen Alliandre Maritha Kigarin.

Queen Alliandre is no fool. She realized that the High Crown Council, deeply concerned about antagonizing the Prophet, had eliminated her predecessors. Preferring to remain alive and on the throne, she has welcomed the Prophet and allowed him to remain in the kingdom. This has caused much unrest and could lead toan attack by the Whitecloaks at any time, but so far Alliandre has retained as much control as she can.



Ghealdan flag

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