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Symbol: The Red Bull.

A small, almost backwater kingdom north of Altara and Illian and south of Andor, Murandy contains fields and forests to the south, and hills and bluffs toward the north and west. Although mostly quiet, even provincial, it boasts one large city, Lugard, which features all the best and worst of what westland cities have to offer.

Murandy was founded in approximately FY 1047 by Lady Katrine do Catalan a’Coralle, who had just captured the city of Lugard. She named the nation after an ancient term for the region. Katrine was assassinated after less than a year on her new throne, and some historians have estimated that during the War of the Hundred Years Murandy averaged a new ruler every two years.

Even after the war ended, the life expectancy of a new ruler averaged only eight years, with overt assassination or mysterious accident the most common cause of death. By around 200 NE, however, rulers began holding the throne for much longer periods, but this was mainly because the crown had become essentially meaningless in a nation that was only a patchwork of allegiances between towns and local lords. It is believed that Murandy survived as an independent nation in large part because its stronger neighbors all had opponents too strong to ignore long enough to swallow Murandy.

Few of Murandy’s kings have attempted to introduce more centralized authority to the realm, preferring instead to spend their days in dissolution and vapid pursuits. Such a ruler is the present king, Roedran Almaric do Arreloa a’Naloy. He exercises no real control over any of his nobles, and in fact, rarely even bothers to try. Instead, he uses his position as king to indulge his love of food and pleasures of the flesh, and to pursue hobbies of interest to him, such as playing cards, falconry, and painting.

Lugard: Murandy’s capital, Lugard, sits on the banks of the River Storn. An old, decrepit city whose walls are crumbling around its famed Shilene Gate (and have actually collapsed in many other places), it actually has walls (also crumbling) through parts of its interior, where feuding nobles have tried to separate their territory from that of their rivals. Its unpaved streets choke the air with dust during dry periods and become seas of mud in wet.

Though Lugard relies heavily on trade and sees hundreds of visitors every month, its residents bear the usual suspicion and hatred of foreigners. Regarding them as sheep ready for the fleecing, the Lugarders steal from and defraud outsiders whenever they get the chance. The wise traveler keeps hand on purse at all times when visiting King Roedran’s seat of "power."




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