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Ye Olde Wheel of Time Netbook Volume Two Artwork
- Article Descriptions -

Please remember that none of this information is to be seen by anyone not involved with the creation of the netbook, except maybe for your spouses or significant others.



This will have a collection of shadowspawn, Blight creatures, and other things.

  • Minion

    Minions are uninvited guests to any land that would be unfortunate enough to host them.  Minions are monstrous humanoid creatures that are soulless creations of the Shadow.  Minions usually infest large city ruins or underground places that have been forgotten since the Age of Legends.  A Minion resembles a hunched human with long, sinuous arms that end in sharp claws.  They have hooked tentacle-like limbs that extend out from their backs, used for grabbing prey.  They have extremely sharp teeth for ripping flesh from bone.  A Minion's eyes glow dull red when looking into sources of light from their dark hiding places.


    • Born cowards, Minions hide in dark crevasses, waiting for the right moment to strike with their tentacles, which pierce into their victims, pulling them into the shadows to rend their flesh.

    • This creature is from the computer game. You might want to find gameplay screenshots of it to see what was intended by its creators.


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