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Ye Olde Wheel of Time Netbook Volume Two Artwork
- Article Descriptions -

Please remember that none of this information is to be seen by anyone not involved with the creation of the netbook, except maybe for your spouses or significant others.


Prestige Classes

  • Dreamer

    To walk in the spaces between the Fabric of the Ages, to be able to peer into the dreams of the sleeping world and to bend the very fabric of Tel’aran’rhiod to their needs, this is what it means to be a Dreamer. During the Age of Legends, some of the greatest dreamwalkers of the age possessed knowledge and abilities far outstripping what many modern day dreamwalkers even consider possible. Those who are strong enough are able to not only enter the world of dreams, but to make it their own.


    • I don't know if any of you might want to tie in pics of this with the Wolf Dream. It might look cool to have Hopper and a dreamwalker staring at each other, eye-to-eye. Just a thought...

    • This prestige class will likely have nothing to do with the Power when it is done. I think the one in the book (Aiel Wise One) was a channeler, as well as a dreamwalker. The novels say one doesn't have anything to do with the other.


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