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This Talent connects the channeler with the earth. Its weaves grant the channeler the ability to sense minerals, split the earth open, and create land-shaking earthquakes. It is not a common talent among any of the female channeling traditions. (TWoT RPG pg. 169)


(by John Bornicke)

[Earth] (Rare)
Level: 0-4
Casting Time: 1 action
Range: Close (25 ft + 5 ft. 2/level)
Area: See text
Duration: Instantaneous
Saving Throw: Reflex negates (harmless)
Weave Resistance: Yes

This weave targets all the iron or steel objects within the area of effect, causing tarnish, rust and corrosion to appear on an item or group of items (the area of effect and degree of Corrosion must be selected at the time of casting the weave, use the highest selection as the casting level).

Weapons or armor that lose half of their hit points are considered heavily rusted and provide only Ĺ damage or protection (round down) and increase the wearerís skill check modifier by -2. Items that lose 2/3 or more hit points are crumbling provide ĺ reductions to damage and protection and -4 skill check.

Casting Level Degree of Corrosion Area of Effect
0 Surface tarnished or lightly rusted Hand-sized object
1 Surface crusted with corrosion or rust Man-sized object
2 Objects seized up, heavily rusted 10' radius circle
3 Objects crumbling, heavily pitted 25' radius circle
4 Objects crumbled to dust, completely gone 50' radius circle


Forge Metal
(by Brian Zednick)

[Air, Earth, Fire, Spirit] (Rare)
: 3-6
Casting Time: See Text
Range: Touch
Duration: Instantaneous
Saving Throw: None (harmless)
Weave Resistance: Yes

This weave allows you to fashion metal into any shape you wish, tempering it with the One Power and your hands alone. In days past, this weave was used to shape extraordinary suits of armor and weapons of the finest quality, including Power-wrought blades. Objects wrought with the One Power are indestructible, lighter, more flexible, and easier to use.

This weave has been outlawed by the Aes Sedai, as it conflicts with the Second Oath, which forbids any Aes Sedai from creating a weapon with which one man may kill another.

Blades wrought with the One Power are supernaturally sharper and stronger than ordinary blades, giving them a +1 bonus to both attack and damage rolls. Armor and other items made are considered masterwork items, if applicable.

Furthermore, item hardness is increased by 2. Note that this weave only creates the metal parts. An appropriate Craft skill roll will still be necessary to finish the item. However, the difficulty rating for creating an item made with Power-wrought material is 10 less than if the item were made with mundane material. If the item to be created is made entirely of metal, then a craft check may not be necessary, at the DMís discretion.

Arrow and bolt heads are considered tiny. Dagger blades, darts, spear points, and lance heads are considered small. Axe blades, Pole arm blades, and mace and flail heads are considered medium in size. Sword blade sizes are consistent with the size listed in the WoT manual, Pages 116-117.

+2 Casting Levels: Blade created is a +2 Power-wrought blade. Object hardness is increased by 4. Tools and armor are considered masterpiece.

+3 Casting Levels: Blade created is a +3 Power-wrought blade. Object hardness is increased by 6. Tools and armor are considered masterpiece.

Casting Level Volume Required Casting Time Blade Size Armor/Shield Type Typical Items
3 1 in. ^ 3 1 min. tiny N/A thief's picks
4 1 ft. ^ 3 10 min. small light, bucklers tankards
5 1 span ^ 3 30 min. medium medium, s/m shields chamber pots
6 3 spans ^ 3 1 hour large heavy bathtub


Download Earth Singing weaves in DOC format


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