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Ye Olde Wheel of Time Netbook Volume Two Artwork
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Aloha Netbook Artists.

First off, we need a name for you people. Next off, we'll need somewhere for you all to be able to chat securely with each other. And third, we have to let you know what we need illustrated! (Maybe that isn't all in order of importance then...)

Okay. There are 11 people working on editing articles submitted to the netbook (the WoT Illuminati). We've been accepting articles for almost two weeks now. Nothing is in final form yet, but I'm going to give you a small sampling of what we do have. Feel free to work on anything here that you like. Feel free to give us work that you think we'll appreciate on some level even if its not explicitly posted here. No one has a solid vision yet as to what this is going to look like in the end, so our eyes are open. The floor is yours, let's go nuts. ;)

- Vish

  • Please remember that none of this information is to be seen by anyone not involved with the creation of the netbook, except maybe for your spouses or significant others.

  • This page will likely be updated weekly, so as to not rush anyone and to let the Completed Items build, so I have something official to give to you. And I mean to cut out rules, where I can help it. Enjoy.

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