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Background Feat: Hand Fighting (by Randy Madden)

You are skilled in the Aiel techniques of fighting with your hands and feet.

Prerequisite: You must be trained by the Aiel.

Benefit: Your inflict 1d6 points of damage in hand-to-hand combat and are considered armed for provoking attacks of opportunity. You also threat for a critical hit with a natural 20 on the die, doing double damage.

Berelain set herself warily. She meant to use her hands, obviously, not the knife. She held it like a fan. Faile advanced on the balls of her feet.

Suddenly Rhuarc was there between them, towering over them, snatching the knives away before either woman was really aware of him. "Have you not seen enough blood already tonight?" he said coldly. "Of all those I thought I might find breaking the peace, the two of you would be the last named."

Faile gaped at him. With no warning, she pivoted, driving her fist toward Rhuarc’s short ribs. The toughest man would feel it there.

He seemed to move without looking at her, caught her hand, forced her arm straight to her side, twisted. Abruptly she was standing very straight and hoping he did not push her arm right up out of her shoulder.

The Shadow Rising, Ch. 14 - Customs of Mayene


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