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Background Feat: Wealth

Itís good to be rich. Itís even better to be born rich.

Background: Tar Valoner, Taraboner, Tairen.

You begin the game with an extra 250 silver
marks (mk). Furthermore, every time you go up in level, you can draw upon your familyís investments, gaining 250 mk for each point of Reputation you have when your level increase occurs. This wealth does not magically appear in your pockets; you must collect it from a family business, a relation, or some other source of your familyís wealth. If you cannot collect the money before you go up a level again, you lose the benefit for that level (but you can, of course, collect the money gained for your new level).

For example, you have a Reputation of 4 when you attain
7th level. You are entitled to immediately collect 1,000 mkóbut you are traveling and canít collect it right away. After a few weeks, you reach a place where you can collect it. In the meantime, youíve gained another point of Reputation, but you still are entitled only to 1,000 mk, because you had only 4 points of Reputation when you reached 7th level. If your travels kept you away from your money until after you reached 8th level, you could not collect your 7th-level wealth. You could, however, collect your wealth for attaining 8th levelóin this case, 1,250 mk: 250 mk multiplied by a Reputation score of 5.

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