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Background Feat: Craftsman (by Xotli)

You are a gifted craftsman, and your love of making things shows in your finished products.

Backgrounds: Tuatha’an

Benefit: You gain a +2 competence bonus on any Craft skill check, regardless of the type.

Perrin lost himself in the work, for a time forgetting everything but the heat of the metal, the ring of his hammer, and the smell of the forge, but there came a time when he looked up and found the smith - Dermid Ajala, he had said his name was - taking off his vest, and the shoeing yard dark. All the light came from the forge and a pair of lamps. And Zarine was sitting on an anvil by one of the cold forges, watching him.

"So you really are a blacksmith, blacksmith," she said.

"He is that, mistress," Ajala said. "Apprentice, he says, but the work he did today amounts to his master’s piece as far as I am concerned. Fine stroking, and better than steady." Perrin shifted his feet at the compliments, and the smith grinned at him. Zarine stared at both of them with a lack of comprehension.

The Dragon Reborn, Ch. 50 - The Hammer


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