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Background Feat: Illuminator Knowledge (by Brian Zednick)

You are familiar with the skills needed to be an Illuminator.

Prerequisite: Illuminator background

Benefit: Craft (fireworks) and Knowledge (Illuminations) are class skills. Normally Craft (fireworks) and Knowledge (Illuminations) are cross-class skills, and may only be learned through specific instructions.

Nynaeve stopped near Aludra's wagon; the Illuminator was working with wooden mortar and pestle on a table let down from the side of her wagon, muttering to herself over whatever she was compounding...

"That one," Aludra said, "she uses the hands and the feet with remarkable ability, no? Do not glare at me so, Nana," she added, dusting her hands. "I am not your enemy. Here. You must try these new firesticks."

Nynaeve took the wooden box from the dark-haired woman gingerly. It was a cube she could have held easily with one hand, but she used both. "I thought you called them strikers."

"Maybe yes, maybe no. Firesticks, it says what they are much better than strikers, yes?  I have smoothed the little holes that hold the sticks so they can no longer ignite on the wood. A good idea, no? And the heads, they are a new formulation. You will try them and tell me what you think?" - -

"Yes, of course. Thank you."

Nynaeve hurried on before the woman could press another box on her. She held the thing as if it might explode, which she was not certain it would not. Aludra had everyone trying out her strikers, or firesticks, or whatever she would decide to call them next. They certainly would light a fire or a lamp. They could also burst into flame if the blue-gray heads rubbed against each other or anything else rough. For herself, she would stick with flint and steel, or a coal kept- properly banked in a box of sand. Much safer.

The Fires of Heaven, Ch. 33 - A Question of Crimson


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