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Background Feat: Polygot (by Xotli)

You come from a culture which commonly interacts with many other cultures, and learns their dialects.

Backgrounds: Tuatha’an.

You gain five dialects (in addition to your own) without having to expend any slots on languages. These dialects must come from your bonus languages.

" . . . Well, you know our names. Courtesy would suggest you give us yours."

Looking longingly at the wall, Rand gave his right name before he thought what he was doing, and even added, "From Emond's Field, in the Two Rivers."

"From the west," Gawyn murmured. "Very far to the west."

Rand looked around at him sharply. There had been a note of surprise in the young man's voice, and Rand caught some of it still on his face when he turned. Gawyn replaced it with a pleasant smile so quickly, though, that he almost doubted what he had seen.

"Tabac and wool," Gawyn said. "I have to know the principal products of every part of the Realm. Of every land, for that matter. Part of my training. Principal products and crafts, and what the people are like. Their customs, their strengths and weaknesses. It's  said Two Rivers people are stubborn. They can be led, if they think you are worthy, but the harder you try to push them, the harder they dig in. Elayne ought to choose her husband from there. It'll take a man with a will like stone to keep from being trampled by her."

The Eye of the World, Ch. 40 - The Web Tightens


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