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Background Feat: Master Illuminator (by Brian Zednick)

You have mastered the craft of the Illuminators.

Prerequisite: Illuminator background, Craft (fireworks) 6 ranks, Knowledge (Illuminations) 6 ranks

Benefit: +2 to Craft (Fireworks) and Knowledge (Illuminations) checks, as well as +1 to Diplomacy checks for guild matters (including arranging for displays and selling fireworks).

Mat squatted beside her, fascinated. He had seen fireworks twice in his life... He reached out to touch one of the cylinders. Aludra slapped his hand away.

"Attend me first, I say! These smallest, they will make a loud bang, but no more." They were the size of his little finger. "These next, they make a bang and a bright light. The next, they make the bang, and the light, and many sparkles. The last"-these were fatter than his thumb -"make all of those things, but the sparkles, they are many colors. Almost like a nightflower, but not up in the sky."

Nightflower? Mat thought.

"You must be especially careful of these. You see, the fuse, it is very long." She saw his blank look, and waggled one of the long, dark cords at him. "This, this!"

"Where you put the fire," he muttered. "I know that." Thom made a sound in his throat and stroked his mustaches with a knuckle as if covering a smile.

Aludra grunted. "Where you put the fire. Yes. Do not stay close to any of them, but these largest, you run away from when you light the fuse. You comprehend me?" She briskly rolled up the long cloth. "You may sell these if you wish, or use them. Remember, you must never put this close to fire. Fire will make them all explode. So many as this at once, it could destroy a house, maybe." She hesitated over retying the cords, then added, "And there is one last thing, which you may have heard. Do not cut open any of these, as some great fools do to see what is inside. Sometimes when what is inside touches air, it will explode without the need of fire. You can lose fingers, or even a hand."

"Iíve heard that," Mat said dryly.

The Dragon Reborn, Ch. 41 - A Hunter's Oath


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