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Adornments of Vaerlin Sha'raelle
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Adornments of Vaerlin Sha'raelle

Activation: Wear (channeler only)
2 lb.

The Adornments of Vaerlin Sha’raelle, a set of linked, matching ter’angreal, consists of a finger-ring, a belt of leather and gold set with gems, a bracelet set with gems complementing the belt, and a gem-studded necklace that matches them both. Although the Aes Sedai as yet remain uncertain of these objects’ nature, powers, and origin, some of the more scholarly sisters believe them to be the Adornments of Vaerlin Sha’raelle, who is thought to be an Aes Sedai from the time of the Breaking. According to the records of the Tower, the Adornments function only if worn together. That information is not entirely true, though. Individually, the items do have effects, although they are fairly subtle. These effects are given below.

When all of the Adornments are worn together, however, the true strength of this ter’angreal comes to light. All of the effects below are tripled.

Belt: Increases the wearer’s Defense by +1.

Bracelet: Grants the wearer a +2 competence bonus on damage dealt by melee attacks against Shadowspawn.

Ring: Provides a +1 resistance bonus on all saving throws and an additional +1 bonus on Will saving throws to resist the powers of Shadowspawn.

Necklace: Increases the damage caused by all weaves used to injure Shadowspawn, Friends of the Dark, and other servants of the Shadow by 1d6 points.

Some records say Vaerlin Sha’raelle created a second set of Adornments with additional powers, but if so, they were not among the Ebou Dar hoard.


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