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Puzzle Box
(by John Bornicke)

Activation: Weave Sacrifice; level 1 weave slot
1 lb.

This ter’angreal was recently brought to the sisters at Salidar by a young woman hoping to test for novice who claimed that her family had possessed it for generations. She said that she felt something funny about it and thought that maybe she, too, could be Aes Sedai. As it turns out, she was correct on both counts, and it is hoped that her surprising strength and seeming affinity with these items will allow her to become adept at the creation of ter’angreal.

This item appears as a black glass stone box, 4 inches square. Across the surface on five sides are gold seams in odd shapes similar to a child’s toy puzzle box. Spanning across the remaining surface is a solid gold circle. It is surmised that this device was used during the Age of Legends as a teaching tool.

While touching this device, the user channels Spirit into the gold circle and creates a dome-shaped weave, in a 25-foot radius circle. The user must maintain concentration and be within long range of the device or the Puzzle Box will stop functioning. All those who enter the area of effect must make a Will saving throw (DC 18) or become entrapped in a mental maze, while their bodies stand unmoving and unresponsive. Those entrapped are aware of all that happens to their bodies, but can do nothing about them while still in the maze. Targets must make three Intelligence Check (DC 16) to successfully navigate the maze. Each consecutive time a character enters the maze, the Int check DC is reduced by 2.


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