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Portal Lens
(by John Bornicke)

Activation: Wield
3 lb.

This unique ter’angreal has been lying in the secret storerooms of the White Tower for generations, its use entirely unknown until recently. Alaindra, an Accepted in the Tower, working under the supervision of Janya Sedai, linked it to its description from an ancient text found with this item in the storerooms. So far, she has not been able to test the application of it, but is certain it will work as described.

This item appears as an age-darkened silver ring, 1 ft. across and flattened in 13 places along both sides as if by a precise hammer blow. The channeler may use this item to assist in the casting of the Use Portal Stone weave. Consider it an angreal with a power level of 1. Furthermore, if the channeler casts the weave through the lens, she (only the channeler) may see into the world or place she is traveling to (see Use Portal Stone weave) before she enters, and may choose whether or not to cross. The duration of the weave is changed to "concentration" for as long as the ring is held. The view seen during the initial casting may not be changed around by moving and will only last for as long as touch is maintained with the Portal Stone.


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