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Voraelia's Ring of Renewal

Voraelia’s Ring of Renewal
(by Timothy Flynn)

Activation: Wear
Spirit, Air, Water

Voraelia was an Aes Sedai of some renown during the years of the Compact of the Ten Nations. She was a remarkable healer, and almost legendary for her help in battles against the trollocs. She fought with the brave warriors of Manetheren, but died roughly 3 years before the fall of that great nation. It is believed that many of her belongings were not brought back to the Tower; it is believed they could be found in her home that was once on the outskirts of Jara'copan. None have found her home yet, but many have tried. It is further believed she kept other "trinkets" hidden, as she often clashed (privately) with the leadership of the White Tower.

With this ring, all weaves within the Healing Talent use one weave slot lower than normal. The effect stacks with all other features of angreal, ter'angreal, or affinities (i.e., if you have all the listed affinities for a weave).


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