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Searing Rod
(by John Bornicke)

Activation: Wield
2 lbs.

This disturbing ter’angreal was found with a cache of items at the Hall of the Council in the apartments of Lord Bren, also known as the Forsaken Sammael, by several Asha’man. It appears as a thin rod, 2 feet in length, and made of a deep black and oily-feeling stone. Carved along its length are numerous human faces wailing in agony.

This terrible item inflicts searing damage upon all those touched by it, as if the rod were white hot metal. The wielder of the rod is immune to this effect. Although this item will affect people through clothes or other light garments, it is ineffective through any kind of armor. Those affected suffer 2d6 hp of damage and must make a Fortitude save (DC 16) or be stunned for 1 round. This item does not actually produce any heat and cannot ignite any materials.


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